Self-explanatory utility for a customized trading experience

The solution from Emscripten for the applet is a perfect way-out for those clients, who tried to place 9 stocks bidding tables on one screen. This technical process brings complicated codes from PC to websites.



Such determining development on the customized interface puts IQ Option on the same rank with advanced expert systems for bidding. Actually, users can select from 12 table placements and patterns. The final development lets customersmaximize or minimize the dimensions of browser windows separately.


Watch 2 years of changes

Is it possible to consider bidding quotes without revision history for a day, a week, a month from the past? Watch changes for the previous 2 years in the new IQ Option settings. Appreciate an introduction: one of the high-grade utilities lets you consider quotes and acquire stocks in the same screen. It is available due to the advanced IQ Option app.


Candlestick charts can show biding info up to 1 month

This type of charts has become more readable. The time lapses, which are used to create these charts, are now from 5 seconds to 1 month. Just select parameters for your bidding activity.


Chart review of assets has become simpler with new indices

IQ Option terminals are more functional and simpler in considering. The latest utility has a set of fresh and smarter indices, such as MACD, Parabolic Sar, Stochastic Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator. There are even more solutions for chart review in IQ Option 4.0.

Fibonacci retracement

Comprehensive Fibonacci Analysis is one of the wide- spread types of analytics applied by trading agents. New utility puts this type of analytical means to the next rank. It now shows a trend capacity with surgical precision and also represents much better correction levels.



The worked-out histograms make the analysis of long-term trends much easier. IQ Option 4.0 histograms occupy less space than other charts` types and deliver the same data as candlestick charts. Each part of histogram represents the opening price of the underlying asset, the closing price and the minimums and maximums within the defined laps of time.


Fast biddingutility for Mac and Windows

IQ Option 4.0 utility can be installed on your PC. The client for PC has been optimized for both Mac and Windows for seamless operation. IQ Option also applies cross-platform architecture with OpenGIsolution — ensuring that the performance of the app isn’t affected by the performance of your PC.

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