What is IQ Option for Windows? 

The world of investing has become more accessible with the development of IT technology. Today, there is no need to spend days at the stock exchange looking for quotes and trying to figure out whether to buy or to get rid of a security in a hurry. All you need is a computer with appropriate software. 

The commerce software is installed on your PC. Then you need to register, open an account, and you are ready to start trading.  You do not need much money to get started in trading. Most programs either do not require a minimum amount in your account to begin trading, or it is no more than $10. This allows new traders to start commerce with a minimum amount of money.

Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

In the IQ Option for pc windows app, for example, you can make a deal with as little as $1! In addition, this broker has long earned the trust of its users and is safe because it is fully regulated.

For profitable trading, it is very important to keep abreast of all the latest events and to do a good analysis. Having enough information allows you to more accurately predict future rate changes and speculate on them. Earlier it was necessary to make a request to a company for financial reports and summaries or to subscribe to different magazines, nowadays, in order to get actual information one only needs to have a computer and an IQ Option application.


As the creators are constantly improving and refining the application and introducing new tools for efficient work of the traders, the company enjoys great popularity. After the update there are more possibilities, the system became more functional, simple and easy to use.

The design is as elaborate as possible, with only necessary data included and a bright design. There is no distracting information, and you can view multiple assets at the same time. 

Nine charts of concluded deals can be displayed on the same screen simultaneously, which allows controlling and quickly evaluating the situation. There is no need to use a second monitor or open several tabs on your computer. Betting on several assets has become much easier and more convenient.


Using the IQ Option for pc windows application, you will get a really functional assistant and partner. All features required by beginners and professional traders will be available to you.


The news ticker helps you make informed and correct decisions. Economic news is right at your fingertips. There is no need to open the financial news portal separately, all the news is available in real time directly from the IQ Option for Windows PC. There is also an economic calendar.

Read the latest news in your app
Read the latest news in your app

Video Tutorials

Investing your own money always involves increased financial risks. Every registered user can take free video tutorials before you start. The lessons are designed specially for teaching traders to trade on IQ Option from scratch.


You can diversify your portfolio successfully, because the broker offers more than 300 different assets. Stocks, ETFs, currency options, cryptocurrency, etc. Transactions are made via CFDs.

The features of the PC version of IQ Option are completely similar to the web platform. The developers have really tried and made IQ Option a convenient application, which makes trading as easy and straightforward as possible. It is worth noting that the PC version is faster and without slippage than the browser version.

Types of charts

To help traders earn money on the financial markets, IQ Option provides technical analysis features. Among the tools are indicators and 4 popular charts. These include the line, bar, Heikin-Ashi and Japanese candlesticks. 

IQ Option charts are located at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. When you tap on the candlestick symbol, all four charts will be displayed. 

All you have to do is choose the one which suits your trading style best. Also set up the timeframe you want. A timeframe is the time frame in which a quote is shown on a price chart. When you move from one timeframe to another, the 'volume' of a single candle or bar changes - the time that a single bar represents.

Indicators for technical analysis 

Technical indicators are designed to help traders analyse the market, find entry points, identify trends and so on. Technical indicators are one of the most discussed topics in trading. Their number is endless: they can range from a simple moving average to the most complex set of algorithms. 

Whether you trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities or currencies, indicators are ubiquitous.

Traders and investors have developed a classification of indicators according to their functionality:

  • Trend indicators are used for identifying trends in price movements. As a rule, such indicators use integral algorithms (averaging), due to what they filter market noises, marking out prevailing trends. They practically cannot catch the market reversal, because the moment of change of direction they perceive as market noise.
  • Oscillators. Unlike the previous group, they use difference (differential) algorithms. It allows reacting instantly to changes of quotes direction. However, with such approach, there is no difference between the market reversal and even a shallow and short-term correction. Consequently, indicators work great during the flat, but they can generate false signals on market entry during a firm trend.
  • Volume indicators. It is difficult to overestimate the volume of deals on the financial market, including the stock market. They easily introduce corrections into almost any price movement. Therefore, using tools that work with them can be both an excellent filter for signals of other indicators and a powerful booster.
  • Others. This group includes non-standard indicators that do not correspond to the functionality of the reviewed ones. For example, they can include the tools for constructing non-standard charts (for example, "crosses and trenches" or Renko), the tools for mutual influence of assets, etc.

Each of these groups has its own leaders, which are included in the mandatory set of tools for the vast majority of market participants. You will find dozens of different indicators from popular to rare ones in the IQ Option for Windows pc app.

Select indicators on the app
Select indicators on the app

Types of orders 

You will be able to use pending orders. Unlike a market order, which is executed immediately at the current price, a pending order is activated only when the price reaches the value you specify. If the quotes do not reach the price specified in the pending order, then the order will not be executed.

Traders actively use these orders in their trade:

  • Stop Loss is a protective order to close an unprofitable position, placed by a trader to limit the risks in case of negative developments in the trading situation.
  • Take Profit is an order that automatically closes a profitable position when the security price reaches a level set by a trader.

System requirements 

Some notes for your notebook or PC:

  • Operating system must be Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
  • RAM must be 2GB or more.

How to download IQ Option for Windows PC? 

Traders need to install a trading program in order to trade in IQ Option. Trading via IQ Option will be smoother and safer. You will have access to all the features that may be inactive in the browser version. The fastest and safest way to download is through your broker's website.  Simply scroll down through the broker's homepage and select your download option. IQ Option download for pc windows is done for free!

Try a functional trading app
Try a functional trading app

How to install IQ Option for pc Windows? 

Open the IQ Option for Windows PC downloaded, to get ready for installation. Click "Install" to install the IQ Option trading app Wait a few minutes, until the installation is completed. Once the installation is completed, log into your IQ Option account by entering your username and password. If you are not registered yet, you may do this in the app, by simply entering your email and password. 

How to start trading with IQ Option APP for Windows PC?

So, it's easy to download IQ Option for windows now it's time to start trading. You can use either your demo or regular account to make your first trade. By the time you make your first trade, it is advisable that you understand the basics of trading, namely, how assets differ from each other, what trading strategies there are, what tools you will use and how much capital you will invest. 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Transactions on the IQ Option APP can be made from as little as $1. Try to start your trading with a small amount, and maybe you will make your first profit today!

How to register and get credentials? 

The registration process is very simple. If you want to trade on a demo account, and you just want to learn, all you have to do is add your email and password to the website. That's it, you can start trading straight away. 

When you start making real trades, you will have to go through a verification procedure. It usually takes the form of confirming your identity with one or more documents. Follow the instructions, it will only take a few minutes. Why do I need verification? This creates a secure environment for all traders, as the identity of every platform user is verified. This step makes the platform even safer and more secure from fraud.

How to open a demo account? 

A demo account allows you to buy and sell shares, for example Microsoft shares, currencies and any other instruments on the platform with virtual money, i.e. without risking your capital. In doing so, the main purpose of trading with virtual money is to prepare you for investing real money. You will be able to use the same tools as in a real account, the only difference is that you will not risk. You must try it, it does not bind you in any way, and you will already know what trading with IQ Option for Windows PC is all about.

To open a Demo Account, select "Register Demo Account" during registration.

How to open a real account?

To open a real account you need:

  • Please verify your account, if you have not verified it yet.
  • Fill your account.

How to replenish a deposit?

To replenish an account you have to go to the replenishment menu in your personal client cabinet or in the main work screen. There are a number of ways to replenish your account: by bank card, bank transfer or via electronic payments. You will surely find the way convenient for you.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Minimum deposit amount 

With all the advantages of the application and the broker in general, there is another important factor, which makes you choose IQ Option. The minimum deposit amount at the time of writing this article is only $10. Not every broker can afford such a small deposit. But, almost every trader can set aside 10$ of his own capital for safe trading. Take advantage of the moment!

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawing money from your account is easy as well. Go to your personal cabinet, choose "Withdraw funds", select the withdrawal method (usually the money is withdrawn to the same place you deposited it in your wallet). It is very convenient and you will learn the first time.

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