In the 21st century, such activity as investing is becoming more and more popular. Previously, only large companies and corporations were involved in investing to increase their capital. But now the situation has changed significantly. Even the most ordinary citizen of New Zealand can start investing. To do this, no need to go to the bank or the office of the company. It is enough to have a computer or laptop, Internet access and a minimum amount of investment (a couple of dollars). That is all, you can make various operations on the stock market. But to begin investment activity it is necessary to understand all its aspects. 

Let's consider what an advanced trading platform is and how to use it?

Advanced Trading Platform

A trading platform is software that is used for online trading. On this trading platform it is possible to execute operations of purchase or sale of financial assets, use instruments for analysis and forecast of market behavior.

There are a lot of trading platforms nowadays. But how advanced and convenient it is depends on the trader's success. Brokerage companies are spending more and more time on development of new software, extending the functions of the platform, changing its design. Each time the platform improves and becomes an advanced trading platform.

To choose a modern and advanced trading platform in New Zealand, you need to pay attention to some criteria: 

  • easy registration on the platform;
  • the presence of a demo account;
  • flexible program settings; 
  • user-friendly interface; 
  • available methods of deposit and easy withdrawal; 
  • variety in the choice of assets for trading; 
  • availability of training programs on the platform; 
  • online chat and technical support.

An advanced trading platform in New Zealand will provide traders with comfort and convenience in making transactions on the stock exchange. But how to register and start investing on the platform let's consider further.

Advanced trading platform in New Zealand
Advanced trading platform in New Zealand

Registration Process

Registering on the platform does not take much time and is easy to do. Even a newcomer to investing can get started on the platform without any problems and feel confident in doing so. To get started, go to the broker's website. To create your account, click on the "register" button. After that, fill out the registration form, which asks for a username and email (sometimes it is necessary to specify a cell phone number as well). Then you need to confirm the registration click on the automatic link, which will come to your email. After completing all these steps you will get access to the online asset trading platform.

Registration Process
Registration Process

Demo Account

After registering you will be given the opportunity to open a demo account. What exactly is a demo account?

A demo account is a training demo account, to which fictitious money is deposited. This is a copy of a real account, but there is no risk of losing money. A free demo account allows you to learn how to invest, and to try analyzing and predicting the market.

Before you open a real account, we recommend opening a Demo account.

Open a demo account for training operations
Open a demo account for training operations

Live Account Activation

To start investing, you need to activate a real account, trading from which carries real risks of losing money. So before you start trading on the exchange market with a real account, study the topics that interest you and take part in training.

To activate your account, you need to fund it with a minimum amount of just a couple of dollars. 

There are several methods of depositing your account on the platform: bank cards and online systems. 

Each user chooses a convenient way for him to deposit. Similarly, it is possible to withdraw funds, using the same online systems. When withdrawing money from the account, you will need to be verified in the system. Basically, the platforms ask to provide copies of documents proving their identity. All this helps to ensure that users of an advanced trading platform keep their accounts and funds safe.

To avoid fraudsters, pay attention to the brokerage company's license to operate. Register for the platform only on the broker's official website, and take note of positive reviews and recommendations from experienced traders.

Different top up options
Different top up options

Advanced Platform Settings

Advanced trading platforms offer investors the possibility to customize programs according to their individual needs. It is possible to change the background of the working screen, the palette of charts, the size, location and number of working windows on the screen, the method of notifications, etc.

The work buttons are highlighted in bright colors and are large in size for better perception and ease of use. Such a working panel with well-designed graphics and interface will help the investor to quickly and easily start the investment activity and feel comfortable and confident on the platform.

Settings section
Settings section

Customize your working windows

Advanced trading platforms are improving every time and allow you to open not just one working window on the screen, but several at the same time. The arrangement of windows and their size can also be changed for the user's comfort. All windows are convenient to display on the working screen for analysis, because observing statistics of different time intervals it is possible to get a whole picture of what is happening on the market. Modern advanced platforms allow you to open up to nine charts at once. In each window it is possible to adjust settings independently from others.

Advanced platforms allow view multiple graphs at the same time
Advanced platforms allow view multiple graphs at the same time

Choice of Quotes Chart

Depending on what strategy on the market you choose, advanced trading platforms provide the opportunity to select the desired type of quotes chart. There are four types:

  • Linear. Such chart displays only closing prices of time periods. Each new closing price is plotted with a point and connected with a line to the closing price of the previous period. The result is a continuous single graph.
Linear chart type
Linear chart type
  • Bar chart. A bar is understood as a figure represented by a vertical line with two stubs on the left and right sides. Each bar corresponds to a certain trading period. In contrast to the line chart, the bar chart shows the changes in the price of the asset, defines the trading range at a particular time interval.
Using bars for the chart
Using bars for the chart
  • The chart of Japanese candlesticks. As the name suggests, candlesticks were invented in Japan and originally used in the analysis of changes in rice prices in the Land of the Rising Sun. Subsequently, the ideas underlying this type of chart were borrowed and began to be used for the analysis of financial markets around the world. Japanese candlesticks are part of technical analysis. The candlestick is a figure, consisting of the body, the lower shadow and the upper shadow. These charts are most popular among investors, as they are very easy to use.
Candlestick chart
Candlestick chart
  • Heikin-Ashi. The main essence of the indicator is to filter market noise. This happens due to the unusual construction of the Heikin-Ashi candle. This chart is built by averaging the four parameters: bar opening, closing, maximum and minimum price value. That is, the standard chart of Japanese bars is redrawn in the averaged form, smoothing out minor price fluctuations.
Chart Heiken Ashi
Chart Heiken Ashi

Instruments for trading

The advanced trading platform has a good choice of tools for trading. There is no need to send an official request to the broker to launch the leverage function. You need to select the "multiplier" function on the toolbar and find the right coefficient. Using the leverage you can increase the amount of invested funds, as well as in case of unsuccessful trading you can get a loss.

The platform has the ability to set pending orders, which make trading easier for the trader. They begin to work only when the price reaches a predetermined level.

The pending order is an automatic closing of the transaction when the price of the asset reaches a set value. 

It is possible to set both upper and lower limits of the transaction. Thanks to them it is possible to keep and increase the investment deposits on the account. Therefore, let us focus on two basic types of stop orders:

  • stop loss;
  • take profit.

Stop Loss is an instruction to the broker to close the transaction if the price reaches a certain level of fall. That is, if the price of the asset reaches a specified limit, the transaction will be closed. The purpose of stops is to insure the risks.

Take profit is an order to the broker in which the exact price at which the broker will need to close the transaction with a predetermined amount of profit is specified.

Stop orders are very convenient to use in case you need to leave the computer or the Internet connection is lost. Stop orders will secure your transactions and minimize the risk of losing money on your account.

Using Stop Loss
Using Stop Loss

Tools for analysis

To become a professional trader, it is necessary to pay attention and study analytics. 

Having analyzed the market and made a forecast based on the analysis, a trader can make profitable deals. Experienced investors mostly use technical and fundamental analysis to predict the market prices changes.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a set of tools to predict the price of an asset based on past price values and make predictions about future movements. The analyst works with the price movement on the chart and learns to find all the necessary patterns of this process. For technical analysis investors can use charts, formulas, algorithms, and indicators. This is how a logical structure of prices is built.

Use of indicators
Use of indicators

Fundamental analysis is a study and use of global economic, political and seasonal factors to determine the future values of prices on the market. The fundamental analysis includes such sections as "news", "economic calendar" and "market analysis".

The purpose of the fundamental analysis is to help the trader to be prepared for unexpected price changes, through understanding the reason why it happens, to see the whole picture.

Study the news for fundamental market analysis
Study the news for fundamental market analysis

Successful trades on the platform

An advanced trading platform makes it possible to successfully trade and make profits on the stock market. Variety of assets, user-friendly interface, flexible settings all these are the main qualities of an advanced trading platform in New Zealand.

The developers of a good trading platform have taken care not only of experienced traders, but also of beginners by adding learning materials to the platform. 

With constant learning, studying the market behavior and constant practice you can make a lot of profit and grow as a professional trader.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose