The main feature of today is dynamism and mobility. Modern man is in constant motion. And if you want to be successful, you must always be in the know, here and now. This is why various mobile applications are so popular right now that allow us to access all kinds of websites and online stores right from our mobile phones. We can order delivery of food, clothes, medicines or even flowers through a mobile application, track the parcel, book a hotel, order a taxi, listen to video tutorials, and so on. Almost every transaction is now available to us on our mobile phones.

The business has caught the needs of the modern client, and now every successful company offers a convenient mobile application that allows you to buy goods or order services directly from your phone. Trade is no exception in this regard. The best brokerage companies have developed mobile versions of their online trading platforms, with the help of which a trader can access the necessary information at any time, track investment market news or even perform the necessary operations.

The high level of competition in the brokerage market has contributed to the emergence of a wide range of trading platforms. Brokerage companies offer more and more innovative methods and tools that compete in terms of practicality, convenience and functionality.

How to choose the best mobile platform in New Zealand? Let's consider.

New Zealand's best mobile trading platform
New Zealand's best mobile trading platform

A simple process of downloading and registering the application 

It is very easy to download the mobile version of the online trading platform. In fact, there is no difference from downloading any other application. You will need to go to the playmarket on your mobile phone and enter the name of the brokerage company in the search field. Also, a download link is available on the official website of the broker you have chosen.

As a rule, high-quality applications are available on iOS and Android and do not take up much space.

After finding the application, click the "Download" button and wait for the application to fully download. When the platform shortcut appears on your mobile device, click it and register or log in if you have previously registered in the desktop version.

Use only official sources to download applications
Use only official sources to download applications

Registration on most platforms is simple and intuitive. 

All you have to do is enter the minimum set of data, check the box "I agree to the terms of use", and then confirm the registration using a standard link that the system will send to your email address. If you have previously completed the registration process and you have an active account, when you log in to the mobile application, all your data will be automatically synchronized, and you will be able to see all your transactions.

In high-quality mobile platforms, the process of installing an application on a mobile device is simple and does not require special knowledge.

Important! Use only official sources to download the trading application.

Easy registration
Easy registration

User-friendly interface and flexible settings 

Most modern mobile platforms are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Platform developers think through the design of the platform to the smallest detail, so all the main parameters are displayed on the main working screen, and the main commands ("buy" and "sell") are highlighted in bright colors.

As a rule, the mobile version has all the same features as the full desktop version, with one exception: you can't open multiple trading windows on the screen at the same time. Mobile applications provide full access to other functions, and you can use indicators, stop orders, as well as view the news feed, chat, economic calendar, and so on.

Mobile platform menu
Mobile platform menu

Choose a trading platform with flexible settings, you can customize the appearance of the workspace to your liking by choosing colors, as well as the type of chart display (line, candle, column or Heikin-Ashi).

Some advanced mobile platforms also allow you to choose different time periods for tracking the quote chart and analysis, from a few minutes to several years, customize the design by choosing the type of chart and the color scheme of the background and candles, customize the information displayed on the sidebar (this can be a news feed, chat, real-time quotes) and so on.

A clear interface, easy configuration of the platform, the presence of flexible settings - the quality of a good trading application.

Setting the chart type on the mobile platform
Setting the chart type on the mobile platform

A good choice of assets

Modern mobile platforms provide you with full access to all the assets that the broker of your choice works with through a mobile platform. That is, if you have selected certain resources to work in the desktop version, they should also be available to you in the mobile version.

With the help of high-quality mobile platforms, you can:

  • Stock trading. Mobile platforms allow you to invest in CFDs on shares of leading companies and industry giants without actually owning them. CFD (Contract for Difference) is a financial instrument that allows you to trade based on the movement of shares, regardless of the direction. The key advantage of CFDs is that you can speculate on the movement of the asset price (up or down);
  • Invest in economic sectors. The platform unites all industries, from the production of goods and services to innovative technologies, so you can always make the right investment decision (energy, healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, utilities, information technology, finance, equipment, industry, household goods. and so on.);
  • Speculate CFDs on hard or soft commodities, such as gold, silver, oil and grain;
  • Binary Options trading;
  • Trade currency (Forex market). Discover well-known, little-known or exotic currency pairs and invest in them using effective spreads;
  • Invest in ETFs. Diversify your investments with CFD-traded funds with multiple assets in one basket;
  • Indices Select from the list of CFDs for indices in which significant funds are invested and which represent a certain market sector or national economy.

 Choose mobile trading, which offers a good selection of financial instruments.

Choose a mobile platform with a good selection of assets
Choose a mobile platform with a good selection of assets

Convenient trading tools

Modern mobile trading platforms are equipped with a variety of tools to facilitate trading. With features such as stop loss / take profit, negative capital protection and a sliding stop, you can control your profit and loss by setting a critical level for them in advance.

A stop loss is an instruction to the broker to close a trade when a certain level of price loss is reached.

Stop-losses help traders to reduce risks in case of various technical failures. Let's assume that at some point the trader's connection with the trading service is interrupted. It cannot send orders to the broker's server, including orders to close the transaction. If he has taken care of setting a Stop Loss in advance, the broker will automatically close the transaction when the level is reached. But if the stop loss is never set, the loss can be much larger.

One of the types of stop loss is the so-called trailing stop, or trailing stop. The essence of this order is that the Stop Loss level increases along with your profit, being at the same distance from it.

Take Profit is a type of pending order for a broker to close a trade when the price reaches a certain profit level. If the price reaches the Take Profit level, the transaction is automatically closed and the profit is fixed.

In addition, the mobile version (as in the full version) also has a multiplier option that includes leverage. 

Keep in mind that leverage significantly increases the risk of your trades, so do not use it if you do not have a lot of trading experience.

When choosing the mobile version of the platform, check the availability of the tools listed above.

Stop Orders
Stop Orders

Indicators for technical analysis

Technical analysis indicators are algorithms that show future prices using quotation data for a certain period of time.

Each indicator of technical analysis is based on a formula. This formula is used for calculations. The formula may differ depending on the type of indicator or its purpose. For example, one formula calculates the average price for a certain period, another-the closing or opening price of the market, and so on.

Good mobile platforms have a large number of various technical analysis indicators, which will allow you to see current trends even using a mobile application.


News on the platform

Of course, up-to-date information is always important for a trader. Therefore, many brokers did not simplify the mobile versions of applications, excluding the news feed. As in the desktop version, these applications have a news section. Read news about individual companies or set up a general news feed and notifications. This way, you will always keep your finger on the pulse of world events.

Up - to-date information is a trader's trump card. By tracking various economic and political processes, you will learn how to analyze their impact on the situation on the investment market and make correct forecasts in the future.

Give preference to those mobile trading applications that have a news section.

News feed on a mobile platform
News feed on a mobile platform

Learning Opportunities

In addition to information in the form of current news, on many platforms you will find a training section with video tutorials. This section contains all the theoretical information, from the basics of investing to complex methods of technical analysis. The lessons are adapted for the novice trader.

In addition to the training section, reliable trading applications offer a demo account. A demo account is a special training account to which the system automatically credits a certain amount of fictitious virtual money for test operations. Since the demo account is always completely identical to the real one, you can easily practice performing various operations. 

The presence of a demo account and video tutorials is probably one of the main points that should be taken into account when choosing a mobile platform - especially if you are a novice trader.

Possibility to open a demo account
Possibility to open a demo account

Other advantages of the mobile trading platform

In addition to all of the above, it should be noted that a reliable mobile online platform should also provide round-the-clock customer support in the feedback form. It is very good if you can choose one of several communication languages.

Also check the mobile platform for the speed of operations, the size of the limits on the input and output of funds, the options for entering and withdrawing funds, the speed of data synchronization between several versions of the platform, the level of data protection (this can include two-step authentication and tracking of all active applications.

When choosing the best mobile trading platform in New Zealand, pay attention to the points outlined in our brief review. Of course, this list can be supplemented with some other items, depending on your strategy, trading methods and personal preferences.

Download the mobile app, open a demo account and try the mobile platform today - it's fast, convenient and effective!

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