The blockchain community has long been accustomed to the diversity of digital assets. New networks appear almost every week and this is quite normal. In the crypto industry, as well as in the outside world, the mechanism of natural selection operates and hopeless coins are eliminated from the market.

What is Dash?

The Dash cryptocurrency was created by programmer Evan Duffield. The developer admired Bitcoin and believed that decentralized currencies would change the world. In 2012, Duffield came to the conclusion that the first cryptocurrency lacked anonymity and decided to correct this shortcoming. He came up with 10 ways to embed private transactions in the bitcoin code, but other developers did not support him. Then Duffield forked bitcoin, dubbed XCoin. This is how one of the first anonymous cryptocurrencies was created. In 2015, the coin changed its name to Cryptocurrency Dash.

A key feature of Dash is its instant transaction capability. Which makes cryptocurrency more suitable for everyday use.

The Darksend engine is responsible for the security of the network, which allows you to maintain complete confidentiality without involving secondary resources and with minimal human involvement in the payment process.

Dash: current news on the Investment platform
Dash: current news on the Investment platform

DarkSend works in two modes:

  • PrivateSend, a mixing service using the CoinJoin mechanism.
  • InstantSend provides instant transactions.

PrivateSend mixes the inputs and outputs of transactions, ensuring the concept of ahead-of-time anonymity: 

  • At the first stage, the sender chooses the degree of anonymization, specifies the amount to be encrypted and manually generates the payment.
  • After that, the denomination process is activated, the wallet divides the transfer amount into several parts.
  • The system mixes the money being sent with the assets of other transactions, the process can be repeated up to eight times, but the coins are always sent from the sender to the recipient and it is almost impossible to steal them by a third party. Masternodes are responsible for the mixing process; these are special nodes that do not have a single control body. 
  • There are several masters involved in each round of media mixing. After the shuffle is over, the funds can be used to perform an anonymous transaction.

InstantSend mode performs money transfer in a trusted format, allowing the client not to wait for the transaction to be processed, which is approximately 150 seconds. When generating a transfer, a special trusted "gateway" controlled by masternodes is blocked. This protects the system from double spending.

Where does Dash come from?

DASH cryptocurrency is generated by mining and as payment for maintaining masternodes. Let's consider both options in more detail. The maximum supply is DASH 18.9 million. A bug in the X11 algorithm allowed miners to mine 1.9 million coins in just two days after the launch of the cryptocurrency. Circulating offer as of 08.02.19. amounted to 8.6 million coins.

The difficulty of DASH mining depends on the network congestion and is regulated using the DarkGravityWave mechanism.

Dash can be mined using processors, video cards and ASIC miners - specialized devices for mining cryptocurrency. You can also receive DASH for free for maintaining masternodes. Masternodes are central nodes in the Dash network. They are responsible for conducting anonymous transactions and instant payments.

What makes Dash unique?

In addition to fast transactions, the Dash cryptocurrency went down in history as the first cryptocurrency to use a masternode system, due to which the speed of work is ensured.

Since 2014, the Dash cryptocurrency has remained among the most attractive coins for traders and investors.

Dash trading conditions
Dash trading conditions

Where to Buy Dash in New Zealand?

Buying Dash in New Zealand is easy and simple!

Like many other cryptocurrencies, you can buy Dash on exchanges. Dash is traded on dozens of crypto exchanges, but we recommend using only trusted platforms to buy.

Another way to buy Dash is through a brokerage platform. On the online trading platform, you can buy Dash through a CFD product that is popular in markets around the world. This makes them highly available and traders can profit from the change in the cryptocurrencies value. CFD is a contract whereby a trader does not need to purchase the cryptocurrency itself. The system fixes the value of the asset at the time of the contract execution and the user's forecast.

How to start investing in Dash in New Zealand?

Trading on cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of its profitability can compete with the most risky operations on the FOREX exchange. In just a month, you can double or even triple the money invested, but the risk of losing all the funds on the deposit is also very significant. The rate of cryptocurrencies is unstable, ups are replaced by downs, and in order to save and increase money, you need to adhere to certain patterns that sound like cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Trading strategies help investors avoid speculative, random and haphazard trades.

How to Invest in Dash?
How to Invest in Dash?

Active and passive strategies of Dash Cryptocurrency trading  will help the trader to  define their intentions clearly in order to profit from tactical  investments. It is helpful to keep a trade journal to track the performance of digital assets. Besides, with the data, record and experience, a trader can adapt to different strategies and methods in order to successfully invest in Dash in New Zealand.

There are active and passive  Dash cryptocurrency general  trading strategies that traders have access to in order to manage risk and profit.

Active Dash investing strategies

Active trading refers to the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies based on short-term movements in order to profit from the price of digital assets movements. Since they are usually used for short term price targets, they require more control and attention.

Day trading

The most common strategy of cryptocurrency trading  involves opening and closing positions in digital assets over a very short period of time, most often on the same days. Since cryptocurrency markets operate 24/7, day traders need to constantly monitor the markets in order to close their positions in the short term. With day trading, traders can take advantage of cryptocurrency price volatility and profit from trading.

In this style, traders use technical analysis tools to assess the price movement of a digital asset over a short period of time. In manual trading, day traders can specify points to enter or exit a trade, along with custom settings such as stop loss, and not keep an eye on the markets all the time.

Swing trading

A popular strategy of cryptocurrency trading that newbies are using is swing trading. In this strategy, traders usually hold their positions longer than trading day  but shorter than trend trading. In most of cases, traders hold their positions for a period of several weeks to a month.

Swing traders typically use price volatility to buy or sell a digital asset. This trading strategy explores the combination of fundamental and technical indicators to determine the price patterns of a cryptocurrency asset.

In the case of swing trading, the user can set precise settings for take profit, stop loss, trade size and other indicators.

Trading with the trend

Trading with a trend, also called positional trading, involves holding positions in cryptocurrency trading for a longer period, often weeks or months. In this trading strategy, traders use an upward or downward trend of a digital asset. A trader enters a long position in an uptrend, or a short position in a downtrend.

In most cases, trend traders look for directional trends rather than predicting price levels. Trend traders use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to predict directional trends in cryptocurrency markets. Traders also use advanced technical parameters, including moving averages (MA), to limit financial risks and determine their strategy.


Scalping is one of the fastest active cryptocurrency trading strategies that involves multiple use of different price gaps. When scalping, traders exploit small fluctuations in prices, including spreads between buyers, order flows, and market inefficiencies. Scalpers are more likely to trade small volumes and small movements in order to exploit small differences several times during the day. Scalpers often trade in higher liquidity markets to get in and out of a position quickly.

Information about Dash on the platform
Information about Dash on the platform

Dash passive investing strategies

Passive cryptocurrency trading strategies involve holding positions in digital assets for a longer period in order to generate profits through long-term investments. In this style, portfolio management of cryptocurrencies requires significantly less time and attention compared to active trading strategies.

Buy and hold

A trading strategy requires buying and holding a digital asset for a significantly longer time. In this strategy, investors plan to hold the position of their cryptocurrency assets in such a way that price or time does not play an important factor. In Buy and Hold mode, investors study the fundamental analysis of a digital asset and are not overly concerned with technical analysis.

In this strategy, investors do not worry about short-term price movements or constant monitoring of the markets.

Traders who decide to invest in Dash in New Zealand implement different strategies of cryptocurrency trading  depending on market requirements and inherent risks. A trading strategy helps a trader define a structure to mitigate risks, follow a specific pattern, and achieve predictable results. Proper preparation will in many ways be the key to a successful start. Take control of your financial future now!

Is Dash a good investment?

Dash is considered the most popular coin in Venezuela, ahead of Bitcoin and other digital assets. The hyperinflation of the national currency is forcing Venezuelans to abandon fiat money in favor of crypto. According to CEO Ryan Taylor, Venezuelans download thousands of wallets every month.

Should traders invest in Dash?

In 2021, the Dash coin has a good future, as its technical capabilities provide for further scaling. Dash has a high degree of anonymity, a two-level security system and almost instantaneous transaction confirmation speed. In addition, Dash is one of the most popular coins for mining with promising income.

How to Buy Dash in New Zealand Right Now?

If you decide to buy Dash on a cryptocurrency exchange, the procedure depends on whether the exchange supports fiat currencies. If it does, then you can replenish the internal wallet directly from a bank card or wallet, and then buy Dash tokens on the trading platform. If fiat is not supported, then you will first have to buy coins through the exchanger, then bring them to the exchange, and only then buy Dash tokens.

Exchanges are suitable for those planning to actively invest in Dash.

How to buy Dash?
How to buy Dash?

If you decide to invest in Dash using Contracts for Difference (CFDs), then it will not require a large investment from you, you just need some free time! So go for it!

You need to choose a broker with low commissions and a reliable trading system. After all, proper preparation will in many ways be the key to a successful start. On the CFD trading platform, transactions are executed very quickly and will allow you to bet not only on the growth, but also on the decline of the Dash cryptocurrency. It is also possible to trade with leverage (or margin) on the platform. But it is recommended only for traders who open positions for a few minutes or hours. Some brokers charge additional fees when the position is rolled over to the next day.

If properly organized, margin trading can be extremely profitable. Take for example a case where XRP went up 84% in just a day. Of course, such opportunities are rarely provided, but we all know that even without them, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Try it and you will definitely get rich!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose