Cryptocurrencies have experienced a big boom. They are no longer just for a small circle of people - today you can invest in them, use them to pay for online orders or buy coffee at some progressive coffee shops. To help you decide if Litecoin is right for your cryptocurrency portfolio or trading strategy, let's get to know it better. From our review, you will learn where to buy LTC and how to invest in this cryptocurrency.  But first, some information about the coin itself.

What is Litecoin (LTC)?

Litecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that focuses on cashless and decentralized transactions, similar to Bitcoin, on which LTC is based.

On 13 October 2021, it will be exactly ten years since the creation of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. It uses the same programming code as Bitcoin, with some differences in features, namely offering cheaper and faster transactions.

Information about Litecoin
Information about Litecoin

Litecoin has the advantage of being relatively massively distributed, even outside the cryptocurrency community. The transaction platform is also a pioneer in introducing new technologies - Litecoin was the first cryptocurrency to introduce SegWit and the Lightning Network.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee said that the coin is not meant to replace Bitcoin, but to complement it. While Bitcoin is called "digital gold", Litecoin is called "digital silver".

The overall issue of Litecoin, as with the first cryptocurrency, is limited. However, while the number of Bitcoins will end up being 21 million, in the case of LTC the figure is higher at 84 million. 

The Litecoin crypto project is evolving all the time. This has made LTC a value-creating currency: the coin is one of the leading ones, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With Litecoin, users of the system can make any kind of settlement with counterparties, regardless of their location. A minimum fee is charged when a payment transaction is made. This cryptocurrency forms the basis of a rather powerful and developed payment system between different countries of the world.  And the security of all trade transactions is conditioned by certain mathematical calculations. Therefore, most of the global companies successfully use this cryptocurrency for internal transactions, thus providing a significant trading turnover of digital finance, which can be instantly turned into real money. 

How to buy Litecoin in New Zealand?

If you want to buy Litecoin in New Zealand, you know that it is a relatively stable investment. While there are plenty of other altcoins on the market that you can buy, LTC stays one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCap confirms this fact, consistently including the coin in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. 

There are many ways to buy LTC online, whether using other cryptocurrencies, fiat money or credit cards. The best place to do it is an online trading platform. It will be an excellent and quite safe investment. Here you will find a wide range of tools for market analysis, a user-friendly interface in several languages, and most importantly, very low commissions for trading operations.

The platforms allow you to promptly receive, analyse and process all information before making transactions yourself. 

The terminal is essentially a personal office, where the investor can see the status of the account, the composition of the portfolio, the history of transactions and much more. All trading is done through the user's personnel office.

Today all electronic trading platforms provide an opportunity for margin trading and graphical data about trading history.  Many platforms support different levels of automated trading: from conditional commands to fully automated strategies.

Modern exchanges offer a large selection of cryptocurrencies and a high volume of trades, so you should have no problem selling/buying a particular coin.

Litecoin trade room
Litecoin trade room

Nowadays, advanced online exchanges offer web-based applications that allow you to work via your mobile phone or tablet. Where once traders were afraid to step away from their computers to miss an important trade, thanks to a mobile app you can make trades while on public transport, in a restaurant or on the shore of a warm sea.  But even if you have no plans to use this feature, take advantage of it in case there are problems with your computer. 

As you can see, today's online exchanges provide traders and investors with many technologies that make trading easier.  A computer and a high-speed internet connection are available to almost everyone. The functionality of the trading platform and the type of market access depends largely on the online broker that you will be working with. Therefore, you should spend some of your time to find the best terminal that meets your trading needs.

You can also buy Litecoin in the classic way by opening a cryptocurrency wallet on a reliable online exchange and installing it on both your computer and smartphone in order to have constant access to your virtual assets.

How to invest in Litecoin (LTC)?

For many crypto investors, a portfolio containing Litecoin has become standard. Many consider this coin to be an important cryptocurrency, as it is used to test features that are then added to Bitcoin. The investment potential of this currency is highly regarded by experts and has a steady upward trend. With all this in mind, you too can invest in Litecoin in New Zealand!

Litecoin trading conditions
Litecoin trading conditions

You can make a long-term investment. In this case, you will need to buy a large volume of coins and wait for the price to increase in the future. In this case, you will need to find a suitable and secure storage option for the cryptocurrency.  This is the easiest way to invest, because you don't have to make dozens of transactions every day on an online exchange. 

By choosing long-term investing, you are not counting on short-term fluctuations in exchange rates, but rather on its constant strengthening over a long period of time (up to several years). The factor that makes Litecoin an attractive investment is its deflationary component. The volume of coins is limited, which means that their price will inevitably rise. It is a fairly safe trading style, but requires a large deposit and the ability to wait.  It also requires fundamental and technical analysis. 

Short-term investments are made for shorter periods of time in the hope of making a quick profit. They can take minutes, days, or even several months. In this investment option, the trader makes many trades in digital assets in an attempt to profit. When choosing a short-term investment strategy, it is important to analyse every piece of news and be able to react smartly to the volatile cryptocurrency market. In addition, you should diversify your investment portfolio as much as possible.

Buy Litecoin in  New Zealand
Buy Litecoin in New Zealand

One of the most popular instruments in short-term trading strategies today is the CFD or contract for difference, which facilitates profitable speculation.

CFD is a financial contract between a broker and a trader. It works by buying a contract and making a profit or loss depending on the rate of exchange. Traders can work on long or short positions. A long position is the assumption that Litecoin will rise in value, while a short position is the assumption that Litecoin will fall. This tool is convenient because the trader can speculate without buying any real cryptocurrency. To open a trade - to buy or to short (to play on the decrease), it is necessary to click on Buy or Sell. You can set Take Profit, Stop Loss - price levels, at which the deal will be closed automatically. You can open an unlimited number of deals simultaneously, on different assets and directions.

So, if you are a novice investor or trader we recommend you to study your investment options in more detail and assess all possible risks, and only then buy Litecoin in New Zealand.

Litecoin News
Litecoin News

How to start to invest in Litecoin (LTC)?

If you want to invest in Litecoin in New Zealand, here are a few things to be aware of:

  • First, you need to decide on your goals and strategy. For example, do you want to make some small income now or do you expect a big profit and are willing to spend a couple of years on it.
  • Only work on a reliable and trusted online platform. Ask how the technical support team works. On a reputable terminal, the operators are ready to help you promptly at any time of day or night.
  • You should only make transactions with your own money, which you can afford to lose. Trading with borrowed funds will be a risky move.
  • It is better to hedge and diversify risks. Create a good investment portfolio of several promising cryptocurrencies. 
  • Educate yourself. Before you start investing, you should get to know the world of cryptocurrencies well, as well as have a good understanding of what each move you make means and what it's aimed at.
  • Manage your capital wisely. There are two things to consider: don't trade with your last bit of money and don't deposit all of your funds. You should always have a financial "safety cushion" that allows you to get back into trading in case you make mistakes.

All people make mistakes. And even super-experienced professional traders make mistakes. But that's no reason to give up investing in cryptocurrency, on the contrary, it will give you experience and make you more professional. 

Is it safe to invest in Litecoin (LTC)?

Today, the cryptocurrency Litecoin is one of the ten most popular and successful platforms. There is every likelihood that LTC will retain its place among the leaders. Otherwise, everything will depend on the overall situation in the cryptocurrency market and the demand for other altcoins.

Experts note the practicality of Litecoin (LTC) in retail purchases. The cryptocurrency's merits suggest that cash deposits in it are promising.

Is it safe to invest in Litecoin (LTC) online?

All payments are made anonymously. Every transaction is hidden from prying eyes. The system works automatically and does not allow users to hack into accounts in any way. Each customer's money will be kept as safe as possible.

When registering on the online exchange, be sure to set up the two-factor authentication. 2FA is an easy way to increase security by using an independent authentication channel. After entering a username and password when registering, the service will require confirmation via 2FA: entering a one-time password that is sent to a smartphone to complete the login process. This significantly increases security, as an additional level of verification is required to confirm actions. A password from the 2FA service is also required for actions such as fund transfers.

As you can see, interactive platforms take care of their customers' security. 

That's why register on the platform and buy LTC today. And we wish you a successful investment!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose