CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

CoinTiger crypto futures trading becomes more and more popular. The CoinTiger exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar, dozens of other altcoins and defi coins. Of the fiat, USD, CNY, KRW, VND, TRY, HKD, GBP, EUR, RUB, JPY, PHP, INR and IDR are traded on the exchange. The crypto exchange offers a TradingView web terminal for basic trading, an advanced version for professional traders and a converter exchanger. All functions and services are available in the mobile application for iOS and Android. CoinTiger is also a business incubator for blockchain projects that disburses loans in cryptocurrency. Loans are issued by users as part of an investment program with a fixed and dynamic interest rate. There is an opportunity to invest in the TCH platform token with annual payments.

CoinTiger's strengths over competitors are: 

  • Bitcoin, many altcoins, defi-coins and fiat currencies are traded on the exchange;
  • Convenient and functional trading terminal in the version for beginners and professionals;
  • Converter for quick exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat funds on a multicurrency wallet;
  • The possibility of direct investment in blockchain projects with daily interest payments;
  • No minimum deposit, fixed trading commissions are below average for the segment;
  • A detailed training program for novice traders, regular promotions with cryptocurrency bonuses;
  • Solutions for blockchain projects, systems of global exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat funds.

CoinTiger Investment Programs

The CoinTiger crypto exchange, in addition to trading services, provides investment services. An investor can make money in two ways. The first is staking. To participate in staking programs, you need to go to the Pool CoinTiger section. All the current programs of the partners of the site are presented there. These are blockchain projects that need cryptocurrency deposits. For each program, the following are indicated:

  • Asset and minimum deposit;
  • Period of blocking the deposit;
  • Interest rate and its type.

Minimum deposit - the minimum amount of an asset that must be invested in order to participate in the program. The blocking period is the period of time during which the deposited deposit will not be available for withdrawal. For example, if it is indicated that the blocking period is 30 days, this means that one calendar month you will not be able to withdraw the deposited deposit, but then you will be able to perform any manipulations with it (with partial withdrawal, the interest rate naturally decreases).

The interest rate can be fixed or calculated. On average, the annual income for current programs is 5-20%, but some programs provide super-profitability (up to 310%). The safety of deposits is ensured by the total control of the site over the activities of partners, bilateral contracts and the reserve fund.

The second investment option is the acquisition of shares in CoinTiger Labs for its TCH token. The company annually allocates at least 50% of the profits to shareholders and token holders. Profit is distributed among investors in proportion to their deposits. The holders of the largest volume of shares take part in the meetings of the company's board of directors.

CoinTiger crypto futures trading
CoinTiger crypto futures trading

Affiliate program from CoinTiger

Crypto exchange CoinTiger does not provide affiliate (referral) programs. You can invite other users to the site, but you will not receive any bonuses for this. Bonuses can only be obtained by participating in promotions or becoming a CoinTiger Knight. The application for Knighthood is submitted individually, for its confirmation it is necessary to have special skills in technical areas and to interest the company in its candidacy. More details about Chivalry can be found in the corresponding section of the official website of the cryptoexchange.


You don't need to deposit a specific amount to start trading on CoinTiger. After registration and verification (identity confirmation), you get full access to the trading terminal and all services of the cryptoexchange. You can use any channels for depositing / withdrawing funds, including cryptocurrency wallets, bank cards and transfers. Technical support is provided by an online chat, there is also an e-mail for communication and company profiles on social networks. The company does not have a call center. However, in addition, there is a forum for crypto traders with branches on all issues.

Try CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives trading. You'll like it!

TCH coin
TCH coin

CoinTiger fees

The CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform charges traders with fixed trading fees - 0.15% for the taker and 0.08% for the maker. The collection percentage does not depend on the trading volume, assets and other factors. There are no additional fees on the site, except for commissions for withdrawing funds. Commissions do not depend on the volume of the withdrawn asset and the withdrawal channel, only on the asset itself. The conditions for withdrawal can be found in the corresponding section of the site; each asset has its own commission fee and its own withdrawal limits.


CoinTiger crypto exchange offers a convenient trading terminal and a functional mobile application. There are many crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs, Bitcoin, dozens of altcoins and coins, 13 world currencies are available for trading. There are profitable investment solutions - staking and the acquisition of shares in CoinTiger Labs. The site has its own exchanger and terminal for simplified trading, which is of particular interest to beginners. Commissions are below the market average.

Recommended for cooperation CoinTiger derivatives trading platform.

Introduction to derivatives

Derivatives are financial instruments that are based on another asset. The simplest example is an agreement to buy bitcoin on a specific date and at a specific price. 

It is based on the value of the coin at the time of the contract. Such a derivative is called a futures and it is a derivative instrument from bitcoin. In addition to cryptocurrencies, an asset can be goods, currencies, loans, stocks and other securities.

On the exchanges, there is a division into spot trading and derivatives trading. In the first case, the trader buys or sells one coin for another. For example, it exchanges Bitcoin for USDT stablecoin. That is, it interacts with two coins.

In the second case, he replenishes his account with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. When concluding an agreement - a derivative - the exchange blocks part of these coins as collateral. To return it, you need to fulfill the obligations under the contract. If the trade is successful, the trader gets back the  collateral and profit. That is, there are more bitcoins on his account. If the deal is unsuccessful, he does not receive the collateral back and the number of coins decreases.

Why use derivatives?

In normal cryptocurrency trading, a trader has several limitations. First, he can only make money in one way - buy cheaper and sell more expensive when the asset rises in price.

Derivatives provide an opportunity to make money not only on growth, but also on a fall in prices. 

For example, bitcoin rose in price to $ 35 thousand and the trader is sure that the price will soon fall to $ 30 thousand.Therefore, he uses a special subspecies of the derivative - short - which will allow him to take a loan in bitcoin and immediately sell it, and return it later. when the price drops. That is, he will take 1 BTC and immediately sell it for $ 35 thousand. If the price drops to $ 30 thousand, he will buy 1 BTC and return the debt - the profit will be $ 5 thousand, which remained from the sale at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Secondly, the trader's profit in normal trading is limited by the capital available to him. If the capital is small, then you will be able to earn a little.

Derivatives allow you to trade using leverage. It happens in this way: the trader takes additional funds from the exchange against the security of the balance on his account. 

What are the types of derivatives?

There are 16 types of derivatives in total. There are 5 of them in cryptocurrencies: perpetual contracts, futures contracts, exchange traded funds (ETFs), swaps and options.CoinTiger derivatives in New Zealand are very popular.

Cryptocurrency Futures

CoinTiger crypto futures in New Zealand are well known among traders. Cryptocurrency futures are contracts that stipulate obligations to sell or buy an asset (in our case, a cryptocurrency) in a predetermined amount at a predetermined price. This financial instrument allows investors to protect themselves from the negative consequences of fluctuations in the value of the asset of interest.

Cryptocurrency options

An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right to purchase (call option) or sell (put option) cryptocurrency in a predetermined time period at a certain price.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Based on Cryptocurrency

ETF is an Exchange Traded Funds. This is how it works:

  • An exchange-traded fund buys a specific cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin.
  • The current price of the assets controlled by the fund will determine its value.

The fund invites investors to buy their shares. Thus, market participants get the opportunity to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency.

There are other crypto derivatives, including swaps, forwards, and CFDs.


Derivatives are financial instruments based on an asset: cryptocurrency, commodity, securities, etc. They give the trader 2 advantages:

  • Earning not only on an increase in the price of an asset, but also on its fall.
  • Trading with leverage gives you the opportunity to increase your income, but it also increases your risks.

There are 5 types of derivatives in cryptocurrencies. The first ones make it possible to make money on the exchange rate difference of the coin in the future. The latter work in a similar way, but they have a specific date by which the contract must be closed.

How to start trading CoinTiger derivatives in New Zealand?

How to sign up for the CoinTiger app?

  • Open the CoinTiger app, click "My" - "Login / Rester" to register.
  • Click "Register".
  • To register on CoinTiger, you can use both SMS registration and email registration. Enter your email / mobile number and you will receive the corresponding verification code. If you have not received this confirmation code in time, please check if the interception function is enabled in the SMS / email. New users should carefully read CoinTiger's terms of service, disclaimer and privacy policy before completing registration.
  • Choose security password.
Registration form
Registration form

How to deposit?

  • Open the CoinTiger app, click "My" to login.
  • Click "Fund" after login to enter your fund page.
  • Click "Deposit" and find the coin you want to deposit, for example BTC. Click "BTC".
  • For some coins, there are two deposit methods available. A regular deposit must be confirmed in blocks and a proper commission is required when making a deposit. However, BinXin Pay supports zero fees, instant transfers and does not require block confirmation, but your CoinTiger assets must be transferred from Bixin Pay.

Copy the deposit address or scan the QR code of the deposit during the deposit.

Be careful! Your assets cannot be recovered if you make a deposit to the wrong address.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

How to withdraw?

  • Open the CoinTiger app, click "My" and sign in.
  • Click "Security Center" - "Fund password", set the "fund password" according to the instructions.

* If you have previously set a password for your fund, proceed to the next step.

  • Click the "Fund" button after you finish setting up the fund password and then go to the personal assets page.
  • Select the token you prefer to deposit, such as BTC.
  • Click "BTC", select "Withdraw" after entering the withdrawal and deposit page of a specific BTC.
  • Click "Add new address", fill in the relevant information according to the system.
  • Once you have added your address, enter the withdrawal amount, verification code, fund password, Google 2FA code, and other relevant information, click "Confirm" after you enter the information above.
Download mobile app
Download mobile app

How to trade CoinTiger crypto futures in New Zealand? CoinTiger Futures Calculator

You can now use the CoinTiger Futures Calculator to calculate Initial Margin, Profit and Loss (PnL), Return on Equity (ROE) and Liquidation Price before placing any orders:

  • Click on the "calculator" icon.
  • You can choose "Profit", "Liquidation Price" or "Close Price".
  • Select Long or Short. Then enter your entry price, exit price and the amount of your order. You can select the leverage level by moving the cursor along the slider.
  • Click Calculate and you will get the result for Initial Margin, PnL and ROE.

USDT margin contracts:

  • Initial Margin = Quantity * Entry Price * IMR.
  • IMR = 1 / leverage.
  • PNL:
    1. Long Position = (Exit Price - Entry Price) * Quantity.
    2. Short = (Entry Price - Exit Price) * Quantity.
  • ROE% = PnL / Initial margin = side * (1 - entry price / exit price) / IMR.
  • Target price:
    1. Long Target Price = Entry Price * (ROE% / Leverage + 1).
    2. Short Target Price = Entry Price * (1 - ROE% / Leverage).

Margin contracts:

  • Initial Margin = Qty * Contract Multiplier * IMR / Entry Price.
  • IMR = 1 / leverage.
  • PNL = side * quantity * contract_multiplier * (1 / entry price - 1 / exit price)
    side: long 1, short -1.
  • ROE% = PNL / initial margin = side * (1 - entry price / exit price) / IMR.
  • Target Price = Side * Entry Price / (Side - ROE * IMR).

The exchange has a very convenient learning curve CoinTiger derivatives trading

Start trading CoinTiger cryptocurrency derivatives and you will succeed!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose