There are now many forex commerce platforms available to traders who would like to enter the global crude market. These programmes dramatically change the possibilities for providing the services traders need to be successful in commerce. For example, some of the most popular trading platforms provide traders with the ability to use them to access the OTC crude market, while some of them have built-in support for real-time API charting services. On our platform you will not only be able to buy oil, but also to follow the charts and indicators online!

Our crude oil trading platform in New Zealand has the following key features: many charts and widgets, exceptional data management as well as consistent updates and maintenance.

Choose your commodities for trading
Choose your commodities for trading

Each of these components can greatly enhance traders' use of their commerce platform. It should also be able to give traders access to real-time data feeds from leading players in the crude oil market. These data feeds would allow traders to get timely updates on key indicators such as crude oil balance, buying and selling points, etc.

One of the most important components to consider when deciding on an online trading platform is ease of use. Our website will make it easy for a trader to browse and work, but the truth is that without a fantastic customer experience, a trader will not use the website enough or benefit from it.

The platform you choose must be easy to understand and used to avoid wasting time and energy. Our platform will provide all the necessary functionality and tools which can improve efficiency and save time throughout your transactions.

There are some crude oil trading platform that allow traders to open an account and use virtual money to reproduce simulated trades using a demo account. Such a possibility is also available on our brokerage website. This is really convenient and is an important criterion when choosing a crude oil trading platform.

Another important thing about the platform is privacy and security. Any traders will prefer a website that offers them extra security to prevent inadvertent disclosure of personal information such as their personal numbers or other identifying information. Finally, traders will like a website that allows them to manage and maintain their personal finances and accounts online. Our platform is fully regulated, and you can have peace of mind about the state of your accounts.

Technical analysis indicators also play a rather important role in the work of the modern trader. The mission of indicators is to make analysis of the huge volume of information on price charts as easy as possible.

Commodities trading platform
Commodities trading platform

On our website there are different types of indicators from the most popular and simple to complex. Your task is to understand at least some of them, and you will see how they can simplify your trading. Here are the most common indicators:

  • The moving average is designed to smooth out the price chart and identify major trends on it. It is calculated in such a way, that each point of it presents information about prices for a certain period of time;
  • MACD is based on the convergence and divergence of two moving averages with different periods. It combines the ability to trade along a trend, like the moving averages, and the ability to trade along divergences, like RSI;
  • The RSI Relative Strength Index is also very popular among traders, because of its versatility and simplicity. The indicator can be used in almost any commerce strategy, both trend-following and scalping;
  • The Volume indicator, unlike the aforementioned technical analysis indicators, does not give buy or sell signals. It is an auxiliary tool and helps to assess the strength of a trend.

Finding the ideal crude oil trading platform in New Zealand is a procedure that requires time and patience. You have to look at the website itself to make sure that the features offered are not only effective but also convenient for you. In this way, you can make the most of the features of the trading platform. This can help you make the best decisions and minimize your risks.

How to make money trading crude oil in New Zealand?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider investing in the future of oil trading. Some of these reasons include the following. Your overall investment returns could increase, your investment potential is growing, you can make the most of an economically stable market, and the trading environment is quite attractive to investors.

Raw materials produced in different countries have unique compositions (sulphur content, presence of impurities, density, viscosity, melting point). Therefore, for the convenience of trade, several varieties have been identified and used as a standard.

Commodities: information Brent oil
Commodities: information Brent oil

Today there are just over 10 major grades of crude oil produced around the world. But two grades serve as the standard: US WTI and European Brent.

In addition to differences in composition and quality, the price of crude is influenced by:

  • The macroeconomic situation in the region and the world;
  • Demand and supply on the market;
  • Decisions made by producers;
  • Production levels and downside risks;
  • IEA and EIA monthly oil market reports;
  • Disasters that could affect critical infrastructure;
  • Geopolitical instability near major oil producing regions (especially in the Middle East).

The price of WTI is highly dependent on inventory levels. Brent, on the other hand, changes its price based on the regularity of supply. If there are oil stocks above the forecasted levels, the price usually goes down.

Entrepreneurs use two types of analysis to predict crude prices:

  • Technical. This is based on an assessment of the schedule of price changes on the exchange;
  • Fundamental. It is based on studying the news as well as reports from the OPEC or the International Energy Agency.

The most convenient option to understand how to make money from oil-trading on an online platform. You can learn how to invest in this type of commodity from home. You could use the World Wide Web as well as your own research skills to start making money from oil.

Commodities: information WTI oil
Commodities: information WTI oil

Oil is traded on exchanges in different forms, but mainly in futures contracts (futures contracts that have a set expiration date, such as one month). Futures can also be deliverable, meaning that when you buy it, actual barrels of oil will be brought to your house at the time the futures expire. But this is available only for million-dollar contracts and oil companies; in other cases only settlement futures work, which work only with price and money, not with deliveries of real oil. The rest of the instruments on the exchange work on the same principle.

You can profit from black gold in several ways:

  • By trading futures;
  • Buying options;
  • Buying contracts for differences;
  • Buying shares in oil companies;
  • By participating in mutual funds.

We suggest using Contracts for Difference or CFDs. It is a way to trade price movements without directly buying or selling a financial instrument. The idea behind a CFD is that one party will pay to the other the difference between the current and future values of the asset. If the price of the asset increases between the first and second transaction, the buyer will receive the price difference from the seller. If the price went down, the seller will receive the price difference from the buyer.

CFDs make extensive use of margin trading. These are what is known as leverage trades, where you can speculate on assets for many times the amount of money you have in your account. If you have little experience you can also use a demo account to learn this kind of trading, this will really help you!

How to start crude oil trading in New Zealand?

When you use the crude oil trading platform, you eliminate the need for a broker and can invest your own money yourself. In addition, by using the trading site, you will learn many trading tips and tricks that you can use for your experience.

When you learn about commodity trading, you may be interested in learning more about how to open a demo account to trade crude oil. It's easy enough to do. Register on our website and then choose the option of opening a $10,000 account. You do not have to deposit this money, it will already be deposited automatically into your demo account.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

A demo account helps you test and learn how the market works, without risking any real money.

When you exchange virtual money, you can easily make adjustments without incurring any losses. You can learn how to manage your investments effectively, keeping losses to a minimum. This is very important when you want to optimize the return on your investment. This usually means that you do not need to risk a portion of your real money. You will only use these accounts as a stepping stone to getting fully into the industry. Once you feel ready to enter the market with real money, you can open a real account with a broker.

A real trading account is also available to you, and a great option on our platform is the very small amount you need to open, just $10 and you're in the world of real investment. Give it a try and you might be successful!

How to open account
How to open account

The undeniable advantage of working with commodities, including oil, is that there is constant demand. Black gold, unlike currencies or securities, is always in demand.

Oil as an investment object is of interest primarily because of its high market volatility. Due to the fact that during a small-time the rate of the given asset can change essentially, there is an opportunity to receive high profit. However, it should not be forgotten that potential high returns always carry significant risks.

Traditionally, oil quotes are in trend. In other words, the prolonged lateral movement is not typical for this asset. Therefore, this commodity is suitable for traders, who prefer trend-following strategies.

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