What is IQ Option mobile APP? 

Recently, the popularity of binary options has grown significantly, which can be judged by the number of traders who write about it in social networks, forums and other sites.

Each broker has its own rules and features. One of the popular options brokers is IQ Option. It is the most famous and largest player in this market segment. The company has been on the market for a long time and has managed to gain great prestige and a whole army of fans who have left their mark on the pages of social networks and forums. The vast majority of them leave positive feedback about the company and the experience of cooperation with it.

The company is currently the world leader in online trading. The company now offers a wide range of products available for trading: stocks, currencies, ETFs, etc. The company also offers several investment applications not for speculative trading, but for medium and long-term investment.

IQ OPTION is also a technology company, it uses the most modern development technologies: scrum, microservices, continius delivery and others. The company is aimed at people who enjoy trading, investing and FINTECH.

IQ Option trading platform
IQ Option trading platform

One of the elements of the high-tech direction of the company is a unique mobile application that offers ample opportunities for trading anytime, anywhere. The IQ Option mobile app is one of the most advanced and innovative products in the industry. This is why clients love and trust IQ Option. You can see for yourself IQ Option download mobile app and test it. The platform is absolutely free. 


To learn the interface, you need to IQ Option download mobile app and install it on your smartphone or tablet. You can download IQ Option mobile app from the company's official website or from official mobile app stores.

IQ Option offers a very advanced mobile platform interface that mimics the web platform in almost every way. A good interface combined with the latest innovations will allow you to effectively manage your trading platform.

In turn, this circumstance makes it possible to effectively use the trading platform not only for professionals, but also for beginners. Thanks to this, today the IQ Option service in the post-Soviet space occupies one of the leading places.

From a practical point of view, the IQ Option service is intended for all traders who want to test themselves in the binary options market. Prompt customer support is evidence of an exceptional approach to serving all customers. An individual approach to each client in the conditions of the current dynamics of the stock market plays a very significant role.

On the one hand, the IQ Option broker service is easy to use, on the other hand, it allows you to make transactions quickly and efficiently. A strong relationship with each client is one of the dominant prerogatives of IQ Option. The application of experience and professional methods ensures the continuous growth of IQ Option in the option market of financial transactions.

IQ Option mobile app
IQ Option mobile app

The minimum deposit fee of $10 and the minimum transaction amount of $1 are some of the key features of IQ Option companies.

All this allows even a beginner to trade quickly and efficiently on the platform. The interface has a large number of settings, both for the charts themselves and for the workspace. You can easily and quickly customize the trading platform for yourself.

Also, within the framework of the mobile application, you can not only trade, but also carry out other operations from your personal account, but we will talk about this later.

IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets
IQ Option mobile app offers security and vast choice of assets


After you download IQ Option mobile app you have a very functional, lightweight trading platform and personal account in one application. It is very convenient and very popular with the trader.

In fact, from the application, you can simultaneously trade and use your personal account. For example, you can open a demo account, fund a trading account, request a withdrawal, and even contact the technical support department. Yes, we were not mistaken. IQ Option mobile app download you get 24/7 technical support from the company on your gadget. You can always contact support directly from the application. Agree it is very convenient and functional.

In general, it can be noted that in terms of functionality, the IQ Option mobile app is not inferior to a full-fledged web platform. For many traders, the convenience of a mobile application will even be more preferable.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app


Unlike complex financial instruments, binary options are understandable even to those who have never dealt with stock trading, and the IQ Option platform makes options trading even easier.

Try to go to some Forex trading platform and understand the demo account. If you have never encountered stock instruments, you will literally be stunned by the number of incomprehensible words and charts.

In a word, this is a different world in which you need to understand, read special literature, watch courses and seminars. It is clear that this, to put it mildly, is upsetting: you set yourself up for easy profit, but in the end you didn’t understand anything and deleted the platform from your PC.

But you should not categorically associate trading on the stock exchange with incredible difficulties, because you can very quickly learn at least one financial instrument - binary options.

A simple and intuitive IQ Option platform has been created specifically for binary options trading. Here you can not only easily open a demo account, but also open, fund a real account and start trading and earning your first money in the financial market.

How to download IQ Option mobile version 

As we noted before IQ Option mobile app download is very simple. This can be done from the company's website and on the page of the most popular mobile app stores. Which way to use is up to you.

In both the first and second cases, you can download the latest versions of applications.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app

IQ Option Mobile App for Android 

You can download the IQ Option application on a smartphone running the Android operating system for free.

To start working with the application, you need to go through a simple registration, for this you can enter an email address and password in the proposed form. Social media registration is also available.

Such registration is enough to open a demo account and complete the training. To open a real account, the application will offer to pass verification - confirm the phone number and email, as well as provide an identity card. To deposit funds into your personal account, you must pass a confirmation of a bank card.

You can carry out all these operations from the mobile application. You don't have to go to the company's website.

The application has a notification system about the slightest changes in the market. 24/7 technical support is provided in more than 10 languages. You can contact the support service by email or in the online chat of the application.

Personal data is processed and stored in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy, and the 2-step authentication function eliminates the possibility of unauthorized participants entering the account.

IQ Option Mobile App for iOS 

The process of installing the IQ Option application on a device running the iOS operating system is standard. You can download the IQ Option mobile app from the official website or the official Apple app store.

The interface of the iOS application completely repeats the interface of the Android application. The program has all the same functions and capabilities. All this we have considered above and will not be repeated.

System requirements for Android 

The developers have tried to ensure that any traders around the world can use the application. Therefore, we made the application as easy and undemanding to the technical capabilities of gadgets as possible. To install the IQ Option mobile app, you need an Android operating system higher than version 4.4.

IQ Option App for smartphones
IQ Option App for smartphones

System requirements for iOS 

The app also has minimum requirements for an iOS device. The application will work on any device whose operating system is higher than version 9.0.

How to install IQ Option mobile APP 

Installing applications on a mobile device occurs in a standard way. You only need to download IQ Option mobile app to start the installation process. The installation will take place automatically. No additional action is required from you.

After installation, you will be able to log into your account or register a new account and use all the functions of the platform.

Summing up, we note that IQ Option mobile app has been in the TOP-10 in terms of the number of downloads in the App Store among financial applications for several years. This is another confirmation of the popularity and relevance of the mobile platform.

The application is in the top 10 in the finance section in 79 countries on iOS and 70 countries on Android. These are not company data, but official information provided by various monitoring resources.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose