At the moment, one of the most popular ways to earn income online can be considered trading in market assets. In order to start effective trading, the client only needs to have a computer with Internet access and a trading platform. Using the platform for trading in the asset market, the client provides his work with convenience and practicality, choosing how much time to spend on work.

The convenience of remote work has been valued for quite some time. This type of earnings allows customers to independently arrange their workflow. Users of the platform can trade when they see fit, and they can also organize their own working time, with the convenience of their personal lives.

How to be VIP at IQ Option?

This type of account is desirable for any client of the trading platform. The desire to open an IQ Option vip account is determined by the presence of some advantages in working with market assets, thanks to which trading can become more efficient and more comfortable.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

A trading platform is a system that allows its clients to have access to real-time quotes, and also makes it possible to make transactions using them.

The platform is also available in a mobile version
The platform is also available in a mobile version

How to become vip in IQ Option? First, you need to create a personal account, for this, the client needs to click on the link button below and fill in the required fields. Typically, the registration process for any platform is the same, the client needs to provide an active email address or mobile phone number, as well as come up with a security password that is required to enter their personal account.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Further, to protect their profile on the platform, the user needs to pass identity verification in order to protect the account from the possibility of hacking and fraudsters. To ensure the security of personal data and stored funds of the client, the system may request personal identification data, or its scan. All data will be used for security purposes only. The developers of the platform advise checking the entered data so that in case of restoration of access, the client does not have any difficulties.

How to be VIP at IQ Option? To do this, the client will need to fulfill certain conditions. First of all, this is a certain amount of the initial deposit, as well as a certain level of turnover during trading, every month. These conditions are designed for users with extensive trading experience, for whom compliance with these requirements will not be difficult, but, on the contrary, are the usual conditions for them.

All conditions that a customer must fulfill in order to receive an account with benefits have different numerical values, which depend on the user's place of residence. With the help of technical support, the client will be able to find out the exact size of the deposit, as well as the required trading volume, individually. Customer support, can answer any user question, at any time of the day, so it is available around the clock.

Use technical support
Use technical support

VIP account features

Many clients try to upgrade their account status because they want not only to make more successful transactions, but also to take advantage of all the benefits of VIP status. Each user needs to make some effort in order to evaluate the benefits of the proposed benefits. This is justified by the fact that the client wants to develop his trading skill, and an account with advantages becomes a good springboard for this goal.

  • For the owner of an IQ Option VIP account, there is an opportunity to participate in any tournaments, absolutely free of charge, that take place on the platform. The purpose of the tournaments is to provide clients with their trading skills, as well as their improvement and getting more profit for a certain time period, in the form of a competition. Of course, users get access to tournaments that are held between clients with VIP accounts. To put it simply, all tournaments, for account holders with benefits, become free, which makes it easier to participate in them.
  • In addition, users of this account get a personal account manager. This means that the client can get help from an expert, right at the time of his work, which makes it possible to improve his level and concentrate on the goal of increasing income through participation in the trade. This feature is available only on an account with benefits, which also gives an advantage over other customers.
  • The third major benefit is the higher interest rates on binary options. For VIP clients, the profit on options can reach up to 90 percent or more.


Why is this platform a good choice?

From the very beginning of its operation, IQ Option began to attract a large number of users, which helps it to keep its place in the ranking among the best online trading platforms. Since 2014, 8 years have passed, and the platform's services still have a high level among competitors, which is supported by the number of users who give it their preference.

IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

The software of the trading terminal enables its clients to visually assess the situation on the market and allows you to open and close transactions. Also, in turn, the client has the opportunity to analyze the price movements of the selected assets, which allows to reduce the number of losses. All functions are available directly in the terminal, making trading more efficient and productive.

In the personal account, the client will be able to find and use a large number of functions, such as depositing and withdrawing funds. The personal account and the terminal are available not only on the web version of the platform. They can be accessed through applications that are designed for different devices. This means that the user can install the application for free on a phone, tablet or laptop, and use the platform at any time, wherever he is. In addition, using the application, you can trade even when connected to an unreliable Internet connection.

Thanks to these functions, it becomes much easier for us to control our transactions for the client, which means that his income can increase.

Demo Account

This platform offers its users an unlimited practice account with virtual $10,000, which is not available on any trading platform.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

A demo account is presented as an exact copy of the terminal platform and is provided for each client. Thanks to him, the user can train his skills in trading on the market, as well as explore all the possibilities of the terminal, without the risk of losing his own funds. The only difference between this account and the real one is the inability to make a profit, since the funds on the demo account are fictitious and provided by the platform itself.

Tools and functionality

Trading tools allow the client to make transactions more efficient and carry out safe trading.They include a standard set, which is the same on any terminal, so when changing a broker, the user will not experience discomfort in this regard.

From the standard functionality, the client can change the type of chart, usually Japanese candlesticks are more popular, as well as changing the timeframe, which is acceptable for the chosen strategy. In addition, various designations are available in the terminal, which can be applied directly to the price movement chart of the selected asset in order to be able to assess the direction of its movement.

One of the more effective trading tools that allow you to get information about a successful entry into a transaction are indicators. They are available on any type of account, and their essence lies in the mathematical pattern of price movement, which is considered natural.

IQ Option specializes in CFD trading, also referred to as "Contract for Difference". Thanks to this feature, the client can earn income from constant price fluctuations that occur due to market volatility. This feature allows you to profit from an asset without owning it, if the transaction is completed in favor of the client.

Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets

In this functional method, there is nothing complicated. To begin with, the user uses the most convenient way for him to analyze the price movement, after which, having an idea of ​​the direction of its movement, he can start opening a deal. Thus, in the event that the price of the selected asset will soon begin to decline, the user needs to enter the “sell” deal, after which, wait for the desired profit and close the deal. In the event of an imminent price increase, it is necessary to do the same, but open a deal in the "purchase". Thus, in case of a successful transaction, the user will receive as a profit the difference between the amount of opening a transaction and closing it.

Leverage is also available in this trading method, which undoubtedly affects the level of income from transactions. In addition, this CFD method can be used on various assets, which will be preferable for the platform client.

What is needed to reduce risks while trading?

Any type of trading is always accompanied by certain risks. At the same time, platform developers allow their clients to reduce risks and make trading more efficient.

Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform
Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform

During trading, you need to be collected and take this earnings seriously, not succumbing to excitement. All the tools presented in the terminal are designed to provide the user with safe trading. In addition, it is important to choose the most appropriate strategy that will help the client make the right trades. The type of strategy depends on the chosen asset and the preferences of the trader.

In order to reduce risks, the main thing is to be ready and correctly use all the necessary tools when entering a trade, and you should not forget about the analysis of price movements, which will help you open a trade on time and avoid unwanted loss of funds.

In order to be successful, you have to start doing something. Register on the IQ Option platform and strive to learn new skills and improve your trading.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose