Recently, digital asset trading has attracted both experienced traders and beginners. If you decide to earn in this way, you need to choose a reliable broker. An important argument in favor of this or that broker is the speed of the trading platform, its convenience and security of trading for the trader. In this review, you will learn what is IQ Option and how it works, as well as highlight the main issues related to the activities of IQ Option.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

What is IQ Options? 

The company was founded in 2013 and has won numerous awards in nine years. For example, the company's application was recognized as the best in the category among mobile applications, experts have called IQ Option the most reliable broker several times.

The platform provides access to:

  • Forex market;
  • Shares;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • ETF funds;
  • Goods;
  • Indexes.

The head office of IQ Option has its own residence in Cyprus. This broker has been owned by since its inception. This organization is one of the largest in its field. In its work with clients, IQ Option relies on constant contact with the trader, competently taking care of him and supporting him at all stages of trading. The pros of this broker is that it has one of the most innovative trading platforms with a large selection of trading assets. That is, technical problems when working with the IQ Option broker are practically excluded, which is a very important parameter when choosing a broker.  

IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

IQ Option how it works? 

Let's take a closer look at IQ Option how it works.

The broker offers to use its own terminal, calling it one of the leading in its industry. It is on the official website in the public domain: you can download the version for your device or work in a browser without downloading and installing.

The terminal has a built-in history of quotes, technical and fundamental analysis tools, the ability to use multiple charts, an economic calendar and news feeds. The number of technical indicators and widgets reaches hundreds, the settings are flexible.

Developers are especially proud of risk management. By entering the platform through the IQ Option personal account, the client can use negative balance protection, stop losses and various loss and profit control settings, setting their critical level to suit their needs in advance.

Traders choose to work with IQ Option, as the broker is constantly improving working conditions:

  • increases the number of underlying assets;
  • has its own trading platform;
  • the platform is well-established;
  • own app for Android and iOS.

Recently, CFD contracts, that is, contracts for difference in prices, have become increasingly popular. This also applies to crypto assets. The bottom line is that a trader receives income not from a transaction with an asset, but from fluctuations in its value. These contracts make it possible not to buy the asset itself, which eliminates the need to keep records and pay taxes.


Do not rely only on luck and choose deals at random. Watch instructional videos. You will go to them directly from the platform window. The videos describe the algorithms of the trader's actions depending on the situation on the market and the chosen strategy. Work it out on a demo account to make trading on IQ Option profitable.

To understand the features of the platform, starting trading with a demo account is a good decision! So you can quickly master the capabilities of the platform itself, evaluate the convenience and functionality.

Remember that the IQ Option broker does not give advice and recommendations on investing, trading strategies: he only executes the trader's instructions, and he bears responsibility for all actions related to trading.

The number of active users of the platform is constantly growing
The number of active users of the platform is constantly growing


The broker provides traders with leverage, due to which they can increase their income using the Forex multiplier option. Thus, you can trade with minimal investment, increase capital using borrowed funds. But the risks in this case increase.

You can use an increased multiplier for trading CFDs.

During times of high asset volatility, the strategy of using a multiplier can bring good returns! You can invest funds that significantly exceed your deposit. For example, you open a trade for $500 using a multiplier. In case of luck, you get a profit equal to the investment multiplied by the multiplier. In our example, $1,000. If the deal doesn't close in your favor, you only lose the $500 you invested.

You can also work with the multiplier by trading cryptocurrency. Given the high price of popular digital currencies, this is a great opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency market and start working with positions that are several times more expensive than the deposit! Try it!

Advantages of the IQ Option trading platform 

Among the advantages of the trading platform, traders in the reviews note:

  • availability - a low deposit to get started - only $ 10;
  • the minimum bet is only $1;
  • the minimum expiration period is one minute, the maximum one is a month;
  • a large set of indicators and other trading tools;
  • no slippage;
  • the possibility of hedging - the conclusion of two transactions going "against each other" to minimize risk;
  • convenience of placing stop-losses and take-profits - pending orders;
  • technical support works around the clock, answering user questions in an online chat or by phone;
  • no payment delays;
  • prize tournaments.

The broker follows the current trends in the financial markets and follows the requests of traders. IQ Option protects funds and information, monitors the stability of the site. This allows you to safely and legally trade and make a profit!

Why choose the IQ Option platform?
Why choose the IQ Option platform?

IQ Option website and mobile app 

The specially designed site is part of the IQ Option trading platform, thanks to which traders can carry out transactions through a web browser. A convenient side menu on the website provides an opportunity to quickly carry out trading operations, get in touch with technical support, and work with your trading account. It is clear that the broker provides access to the platform even using a smartphone with Internet access through a specially developed mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems.

The mobile application works many times faster than the mobile version of the site, and also allows you to conduct all transactions (deposit/withdrawal of funds), as well as use the built-in indicators right on your phone.

Modern traders strive for mobility, do not like to be tied to one place. Therefore, the broker has developed a version of the trading platform for mobile devices, which is no different from the desktop one and allows you to trade from anywhere in the world. The main thing is the presence of a stable Internet.

The platform is also available in a mobile version
The platform is also available in a mobile version

Platform setup 

To make trading as comfortable as possible, it is recommended to set up the platform:

  • At the top of the terminal, you see assets. Put there those with whom you work most often - so you do not miss favorable moments for transactions.
  • If you trade one asset, follow the trading signals on two to four charts at the same time. You will receive signals more often, and you will be able to conclude more successful transactions.
  • Customize the chart - define the type, timeframe, indicators. Choose a comfortable color scheme and scale.

The platform has a chat where traders communicate with each other. To make profitable decisions, traders can use the economic calendar, newsletters, volatility signals, and current market news.


Opening an account on the IQ Option platform will take you no more than 5 minutes! To do this, open the registration form, in which you need to enter your email address and come up with a password. After that, you get the opportunity to trade.

It is important to note that on the IQ Option platform, a trader has the opportunity to trade in two different ways. The first of them is a demo account, where you can hone your trading skills, develop a personal trading strategy, or, simply put, do “reconnaissance”, learning in practice how the platform functions. The second way is actually trading with real money.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Demo account 

IQ Option tries to make the trader's work comfortable. Therefore, they have the opportunity to practice on a demo account, when the client trades not with real money, but with virtual $10,000 provided by the broker. In the training terminal of the platform, you can test trading signals, work out strategies, which will make it possible to feel more confident when trading on a real account, and develop composure when making decisions. To get access to a demo account, it is enough to register on the company's website.


Get $ 10,000 in your practice demo account
Get $ 10,000 in your practice demo account

Depositing and withdrawing money on the IQ Option service 

There are no problems with replenishing an account on the IQ Option platform. The method of depositing / withdrawing funds depends on the country where you live. The following are very popular:

  • Neteller.
  • Visa/Mastercard cards.
  • Skrill.
  • Perfect money.

The speed of transaction processing when replenishing an account is from instantaneous to 5 minutes, when withdrawing funds up to 3 days.

IQ Option does not limit clients in the amount of withdrawal of earnings!

Choose a convenient way to transfer funds to the account
Choose a convenient way to transfer funds to the account

Technical support 

The operational reference point for working with clients from the technical support of IQ Option is a serious trump card in the company's arsenal. Work on the broker-client line has been adjusted to automatism, which has a positive effect on payments (there are practically no problems with them), as well as with the withdrawal of funds. It is impossible not to note the benevolent approach of the staff to working with customers.

The highest popularity achieved by the IQ Option broker is no coincidence. This is due to the responsible and high-quality approach of the company to work with clients. A positive difference from competitors is a small deposit of only 10 dollars and an extremely low price for the transaction - only 1 dollar! Other advantages of IQ Option include the presence of its own interactive training center, a responsible approach to working with clients on the part of the staff, as well as a demo account.

Most reviews about the broker are positive. The administration of the site and the company's managers listen to the opinions of customers and try to eliminate the shortcomings in a reasonable time.

IQ Option is one of the popular brokers to help you make a profit! Do not neglect the opportunity to practice on a demo account, study the available strategies or develop your own trading methodology on the site. Learn to read charts, use indicators to trade profitably. Evaluate all the advantages of this wonderful trading platform today, follow the link below and earn money today!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose