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What is online trading?

The Internet allowed individual investors to access financial and stock markets in real-time, conduct trading of various assets and receive profit from these activities. Trading is realized via brokerage companies that maintain online trading terminals. You can trade from your home computer or phone at any time and from any location. Brokers allow you to trade main categories of assets – currencies, shares, commodities, as well as derivative financial instruments. The task of a trader is to sell at the lowest price and sell at the highest or make the correct price prediction.

IQ Option is a trading a trading platform with its intuitive and clean interface to help its customers meet most of the trading needs. It offers top platform to invest in Forex, stocks, and ETFs.
Innovative binary options broker with the most convenient interface, more than 100 global trading assets available is an online trading platform that allows you to trade binary options 24/7, even on weekends. In order to cater to the needs of both beginners and advanced traders, has several different trading platforms you can choose from.
Olymp Trade broker offers sufficient trading opportunities it has everything you need for full-fledged trading: currency pairs, oil, precious metals, stocks and indices, and cryptocurrencies that can be traded over the weekend
Exness is a broker, which offers stable and reliable brokerage services with the comfortable trading environment created to suit the most demanding traders with their tight spreads
ExpertOption, a broker which caters to a significant audience of digital traders, Known for their excellent user interface, as well as fast deposit and withdrawal times

What is stock trading?

Stock trading allows you to buy ownership in any company. Online trading made it possible for individual investors to invest in stocks without leaving their home computers. Currently, the following investment methods are the most popular. You can buy shares for a longer period – this passive investment is made with the hope of further price growth. Alternatively, you can speculate on short-term deals with shares and earn on price fluctuations. Both variants need excellent knowledge of the market and basic analytical principles.

What is crypto trading?

Electronic money has quickly become a full-fledged participant of the world’s financial setup. Therefore, it was added as a separate trading instrument on many online trading platforms. The principle of crypto trading is the same as of any other asset – you buy at a lower price and sell at a higher. The only intricacy is very high volatility that leads to considerable rate ups and downs within very short time periods. But this feature makes cryptocurrencies one of the best instruments for receiving a profit.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is the largest international marketplace for currency exchange. The main peculiarity is that all currencies are traded at free rates. This feature made it possible to earn on exchange rate fluctuations. With the penetration of the Internet to all globe corners, Forex trading became available to everyone. Individual traders aim at buying currencies at a lower price and selling them at a higher. They also earn on the forecast of price behavior. Access to trading is possible through online brokers and their terminals.

What are Binary Options?

Binary options provide the most simplified method of making money in financial markets. A binary option is an alternative to buying an asset. Here, you do not need to become an owner of the asset – you only buy a contract with different underlying assets. The idea is to predict the price movement of this asset. If your assumption is correct, you get a profit, and if your forecast does not come true – you lose. The main thing is that the profit or loss is fixed and is known in advance.